Artist's Statement

   "It is the simple, plain weave structure of tapestry that provides the structure for the complex, geometric planes of color which i seek.  Tapestry's grid structure is particularly appropriate for the creation of spacial illusions and three dimensional effects.  Within this structure, I can begin to be the most creative in my design approach achieving complete freedom of expression.  My use of abstract forms, pattern, and spacial illusion becomes a metaphor for my views of humankind and the world around us.  My interest in Postmodern philosophy provides opportunities for interpretation of specific concepts.
    The physical properties inherent to the tapestry surface create a play of light and shadow which can be controlled by the different characteristics of wool, silk, angora, cotton, llama, and alpaca fibers.  Design considerations such as asymmetry, rhythm, movement, color, and positive and negative space relationships contribute to the intended meaning of the work.  Also, the luminosity, value contrast, and intensity of color enter into the formula and give a clearer definition to concepts interpreted." -Tori S. Kleinert