Welcome to WoolPastures.com

WoolPastures.com is located in New Castle, Kentucky on Stoneshire farm, about 35 miles from city of Louisville.  Run and owned by Tori Kleinert, Stoneshire farm is one of a kind.  With a  creek running through it and over 100 acres,  Stoneshire farm and Wool Pastures hope to provide comfort and goods to others.

  THE MISSION of Stoneshire Farm and WoolPastures.Com is as follows, written by Tori Kleinert:

 To produce the highest quality available of hand spinning fibers, which include, wool, angora, llama, and alpaca for the fiber artist.  The Shetland-Lincoln-Wensleydale sheep, Angora rabbits, llamas, and alpacas will be housed in healthy environments that are clean, open, and safe with quality feed, organic hay, and pastureland.  An ongoing practice of producing clean, softer, and more lustrous fiber will be continually in place. In addition, fruits, vegetable, and herbs will be raised organically.